Sacred Ecstasy 4 Men

the secret under your skin


Only a man knows the pleasure capabilities of another man´s body

Sacred Touch Experience ... The massages :

We want to give you an experience, not only a massage!!

The difference of receiving a conscious touch session resides in that the masseur is moving his own energy within you and is focus in nothing else but your whole body and being !!!

We will teach how to elevate the frequency of your energy at the same level of that of the masseur by the ancient method of the prana & the breathing.  The out come and the process of the massages becomes an experience!

* Deep Tissue Massage with Tantra Techniques...

This sessions last one hour minimum and it has the target to liberate spasms in your body and at the same time energize you in order that you can feel the benefit of Restful Alertness. It is a full body massage. Also we will give you a taste of an Urut Batin and Tao Technique strokes on your lingam!

The cost

60 euros in the studio located in Amsterdam

15 euros extra if it is done in a Hotel (in Amsterdam City) or in house.

* Synergetic Tantra Massage Xperience...

Prepare you body for one hour twenty minutes of pure energy!!!

When your body needs to be pampered in a special way, this is your session. It involves a tantric ritual that has the target to take you to a state of erotical trance! You will learn a Tantric Breathing that allows you to be in your body and not in your mind. You will come in a meditation state with no effort at all and at the same time you feel how your full body is awake with pure sacred touch . 

As part of the session, you will experience a full lingam massage not with the objective to do a happy ending (remember this is Tantra), but with the intention to generate sacred energy that we will distribute in all your body. This takes you to a sacred ecstasies state of body and mind.  From there, with a pranayamic and tantra technique, we will do alchemy in your body to elevate your frequency to a Relax Awarenes experience!!!

The cost

80 euros in the studio located in Amsterdam

15 euros extra if it is done in a Hotel (in Amsterdam City) or Inhouse

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